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Vocal recording, in essence, is capturing the voice of the artist in the most effective and efficient way so that the play-back will be as true sounding to the original performance as possible. For most music producers, vocal recording is probably the most challenging part of the music production process.

Need advice for recording rock vocals


Greetings all,

I got an Apollo Twin MKII Solo (all stock plugins) running into a Shure SM7B with a Trace Audio mod (+25dB clean boost) and my mic is inside a Kaotica 7B since I can't really treat this place well.  I can do that after we buy a house but for here, I need to occupy as little space as possible.

Vocal Recordings


Oftentimes vocals are looked upon as routine in the recording realm. As a result, I feel the effort one puts into details like the choice of the right mic, pre-amp, etc is minimal. But from what I've experienced, vocal recording is an area of huge possibilities. Thoughts?
Here is a blog that discusses this point:

High frequency resonnance on vocal recording


Hi guys,
I recorded vocals lately, and cannot get rid of aggressive high frequencies that weren't there before...
You can hear the main nasty frequency around 3-4Khz and some other ones from1 to 3 kHZ ( audio: Creep_VXREC_WA87ChorusAnnecy 1&2 )
I recorded the same vocals 1 month ago in another flat, and it was fine ( see audio "Creep_VXREC_WA87ChorusDundee").

New equipment for vocal recording, headphone jack has no audio.


Hello there, I just recent bought some new equipment hoping to start recording vocals at home!
I went to my local music store, the clerk there helped me out with selecting some equipment based on my budget and requirements.

I run a desptop with Windows Seven installed ( i also have a laptop with vista installed).