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Warm Audio was founded in 2011 "in the garage" upon a simple principle, which was to build sonically high-end recording products, but to also make them affordable to the everyday musician and recording engineer. Since inception, Founder & President Bryce Young has put together a team of audio experts who combined have over 50 collective years of experience in the development, manufacturing, marketing and sales of pro audio equipment. This skilled team is applying the “Warm Formula” of design to every product released by ensuring that they deliver the very best in sound but also stay affordable in price. Warm Audio strives to provide evolutionary solutions to legendary products of the past.

Warm Audio manufactures popular coveted pro audio equipment including; microphone preamplifiers, compressors, equalizers and microphones that are designed, developed and tested in-house in Texas, USA. Warm Audio has introduced over 20 innovative products to the Pro Audio market to date that have received multiple nominations and awards by renowned industry professionals (TEC Awards, Sound On Sound Awards, Resolutions Awards, MusicTech Awards and Music Inc. Editors Choice Awards).

Warm Audio has a unique combination of extensive technical knowledge in designing & developing pro audio products while fostering strong relationships and partnerships with well-established premier component manufacturers (CineMag USA Transformers, Altran USA Transformers, Carnhill Transformers, Kenetek Opto Attenuator, JJ Tubes, and Tung-Sol Tubes). Warm Audio works very closely with these suppliers to produce impeccable quality equipment. These focused efforts have culminated in award winning products that have redefined what is possible in the audio electronics industries (2017 TEC Award Winner in Signal Processing Hardware - WA-2A Opto Compressor).

Today, Warm Audio products are being used around the globe in major live music venues, commercial recording studios, home/project recording studios, broadcasting control rooms, houses of worship, as well as live tour and festival sound rigs.

Warm Audio WA-67 R2 opinions?

Hi !

Here I am again, still searching for the next buy (Dawm GAS)

I'm sure not many bought this mic since it's fairly new on the market but I still want your opinion on it.
Until now I own many mics but this could be my first tube mic.
Another option is the WA-87 (fet), but since I have a S87 from mic parts, I'm trying to figure out how different sounding the WA-67 is.
People usually think tube gear are more colored but I know that many are very clean, but this 67 also have a Lundahl transformer.

Warm audio WA-47jr vs. ... ?

Hi there..

In this video I compare the warm audio wa-47jr to 2 other mics that share the same kind of capsule and EQ curve.. The Neumann U47 inspired mics all have a bit less high frequencies than other general condenser mics.. They are perfect for HF aggressive instruments and sibilant voices..

I'm building a S-87 and soon will do a few videos about it. I will also include the mics in this video. So stay tuned

Let me know what you think..

Warm audio / SSL preamps

Hi...I have a PreSonus 192 interface with the xmax pre's, and have been looking at upgrading/getting other pre's
for vocals and acoustic guitar. Looking at SSL, 4 pre's for $1700; Warm audio, 4 pre's around $1000 and others
Daking, UA610,etc... same price range. My question really is has anyone used the SSL and the Warm audio stuff(eg's and dynamics as well) paired with tube(Mojave Ma 300) and small diaphragm condensers (AKG 970's) ?

Warm Audio announced API 312 style preamp!

Oh man oh man, this could be good. Fingers crossed. @$1199 it's excellent per channel cost, got input And output xformers, and also an an output knob per channel, which could be useful when not only for good gain staging, but especially if these trannys overdrive pleasantly. Plus the op amps are easily swappable. If I'm dreaming I don't wanna wake up! I hope it sounds as cool as it seems on paper!