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A warning about WAVES software!

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16 years 3 months
I purchased Waves Diamond for $349 just about 3 1/2 years ago. When my motherboard failed, I replaced it and I was given a new Windows product key (no charge by Microsoft by the way). I wound up having to "recover" my Waves license. As it turned out, the motherboard that I bought was a lemon, so I just got a new computer, and once again I was prompted to "recover" my Waveslicense again. Guess what Waves told me? I can only "recover" a license ONCE PER YEAR and in order to use Waves Diamond before June 14th, 2019 I have to PAY Waves $170 in order to get "covered" by Waves' "update plan".

Warning, Barry Manilow Lyric Here...

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14 years 1 month
Yeah, so, it's been quite a while since I've been here...

Been six years but I finally got back some gear I thought was lost into the aether - my trusty Electro-Voice S60 monitors!

For those of you who don't know, these are the speakers that I recorded, mixed and mastered what I consider to be the best sounding Green Goblyn Project album on - Fluke. Very excited about getting these back in my life.

Gearslutz Exploit Warning!

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21 years 2 months
Looks like has been exploited by a P O R N ring today. They are running very vulnerable software and modifications so its to be expected.
Never the less, stay clear of it until its resolved otherwise you pose risk of your computer getting viruses or your ip being harvested. Most likely ip harvesters are mining ips's. That means its like surfing **** sites when you go there. Bad for studio computers !

Be Warned.

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Marantz PMD Recorder Firmware Warning!

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12 years 9 months
If you have any of the Marantz PMD digital audio recorders, whether you bought it last week or years ago, check the Firmware. I bought mine just a few months ago and was shocked this afternoon to find that the Firmware pre-dates the Internet. Well, almost!

Mine, a PMD620, came with Firmware A1.14. A2.33 came out May 4th, 2009. A2.03 was current in March 2008.

Pro Tracks: no midi warning

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14 years 5 months
Hi All, I'm just reinstalling my pro tracks software on my Sony Vaio and have been trying to sort out this midi issue for hours. When I open the program a warning appears saying that no midi input devices have been selected and when I go to choose which midi inputs and outputs I want, the are no options in inputs and the only output option is 'Microsoft Midi Mapper'.

Could anyone please help me sort this out? Thanks.

Memory Getting low. warning.

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21 years 2 months
Hello Im running Nuendo 3.1 and a VST plug in called Drumkits from hell pack2 and when I'm loading a drumkit it tells me "WARNING: memory is getting low. This may cause dropouts or other artefacts!"

Can some one help. what should i do.

my pc is like this.

3.0ghz p4 HT
1g Ram
Emu1820 as my sound card and interfase
200gb HD

Does it have to do with the buffer? mine is low for very very low latency. or is it ram or hd?

M-audio Octane design flaw warning!

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15 years 8 months
I thought I would post this report due to the large number of people that ask this and other forums about which 8 channel pre-amps they should purchase.

I recently bought an M-audio Octane unit for recording drum tracks in my home studio. I use the ADAT lightpipe to connect to my Pro Tools 6.4 le system. My mic setup consists of the following:

kick - Audix D6
snare and toms - SM57's
overheads - (2) Marshall MXL 2003's
hi hat - RØDE NT-1A

Warning about PreSonus M80!

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21 years 2 months

I was looking for an upgrade from the Mackie VLZ. On a very limited musicians budget. Heard some good(old) reviews about the M80 with "Jensens". And here we go-

A few years ago I had purchased a PreSonus M80 from "Musicians Friend". I have never been very happy with the sound, seems thin and not enough gain. Just recently, I was looking for ways to tweak the unit and I found an interesting web page about the transformers-

Mac Mini Warnings

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21 years 2 months
I have seen a lot of recent posts about people looking to the MacMini for audio production.

Does anyone realize that it comes with 256 mb of ram, and has to be upgraded by Apple to add more, which they charge a premium for?

Once you add everything to make the mac mini anything of a decent computer, you are well over $1000.

Use it for your email, people, but PLEASE reconsider before you realize the thing is a absolute dog for any real work.

Warning For Songwriters

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21 years 2 months
You should never pay to have your music reviewed by a company that may be seeking to publish, produce or record the material. Reviewing the material free of any fee, is the practice of legitimate companies wanting hits for their artists or recording.

Do not a fee to have a publisher make a demo of your songs. Some publishers do take demo exspenses out of future royalties, but you should never pay upfront for demo costs for a song that is signed by a publisher.