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weird background noise

Weird background noise with hyperx quadcast usb mic

Hello everyone
I'm new to this site and to audio recordings so i hope your bear with me on this one.
I'm aware of background noise in recordings since i started recording with my hyperx quadcast usb mic and didn't have any problems getting rid of it in adobe audition. I switched to an XLR mic, the RODE podmic with Scarlett solo 3rd gen interface and encountered a weird background noise nothing like i had heard before.

I'm wondering if there's anything wrong with my setup and i'm hoping you could help me figure this thing out.

Weird background noise in select programs that i need

Hello i am getting into streaming and i have ran into a problem when i try to stream footage the audio has a load of background noise and i haven't been able to fix it. I have tested my microphone on REAPER and it works flawlessly. I am running a Superlux E205 high diaphragm cardoid condenser microphone that is going through a Tascam US-122mk II Audio interface

Audio samples:




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