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westlake audio


Westlake Audio strives to design and build loudspeakers that are as accurate to the source recording as currently possible given the existing level of technology and to research methods of improving this technology for future generations of loudspeakers.

Westlake BBSM 4

Hi all

I am thinking about upgrading my monitors (it's really mandatory since i use some sh*tty Alesis). I want to buy something good so that it will last long. Now searching through different forums i always read the name Adam when talking about great monitors so they are definitely on my list to check out. The S3 sounds the best thing for me (as i can't afford the active version).


I've been using Westlake BBSM10's for a few years and have been really happy with them; they are the first monitor I've used where I find the mixes are totally translatable every time. They are kind of freaky for people not used to them however, as I know Westlakes are known for their "soft" (as in non fatiguing) top end..and I think these are pretty damn soft..anyone else got any experience of these ? Do the tweeters degrade with age ?