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8 inputs / mic lines. What mics would you choose?


scenario; recording to analog tape. 8 mic lines from the studio into 8 mic inputs in C/R. recording bands live. rhythm section, then overdubs, horns if needed, vocals last.

assume there's 5 - sm57's and 2 - 414's in the collection already. we're on a tight budget. what 8 additional mics would you choose for the mic locker?

What mics would you use?


Hey guys. New to this forum. My band is going to be demoing Drums (possibly "tracking" if it sounds good) for an ep here in a few weeks. Outboard gear is fine, close mics for drums are fine. Room is...bad. I'm aware of it, I'm doing what I can with it. Its a tall cement room. 20 ft tall. 15x15 room. Now the acoustics are not that bad. No slap back sounds no "ping" or anything.

What Mic and Preamp Should I get?


Hello, Im Don Jaye. I want my vocals to be crystal clear with a little warmth.

- I have a Apogee Duet 2 going into Logic Pro
- avantone c12
These two are not getting me the professional sound I'm looking for.

I will ONLY be using this chain for vocals and my budget is 2,000.

I was thinking of the Neumann tlm 102 and maybe a UA 610 for preamp.

Boyce Avenue vocal sound


Hey guys I'm sure you've heard of Boyce Avenue on youtube. They became famous through youtube and over the years they have made some major improvement in their videos and sound quality.

I was just wondering because he uses the same mic in earlier videos as the later ones so that is not it. What is your best guess at what changed to give him that sound and how can I replicate it.

I Have About 500 dollars what mic and recording equipment can i buy?


ive been looking at some mics and some type of recording equipment shown here -c-1u.htm preamp-p/art-tube-mp-project-series-usb.htm