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Zoom H4N

Need more than 4 tracks on Zoom h4n

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5 months

Is it possible to record more than 4 tracks on the h4n in MTR mode?  I would think bouncing to on mono track would allow you to add 3 more overdubs, bounce again and add 3 more. I have a project due tomorrow that requires 4 violins, 4 violas, 1 piano and 1 vocalist. I cannot get the h4n to open the bounce file nor does it open when I change the name to trk1-00 (the default name for track 1).  I can do each 4 instrument group and combine  them in Logic on my Mac but I was hoping to avoid that. Doing the recording and not hearing all the parts is not ideal. 

Podcast recording on Zoom H4n

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6 years
Hi guys and girls,

I am looking to records some podcasts with my Zoom H4n. I have three XLR mics that I am trying to use.

I have plugged 2 of the mics into the XLR inputs.

For the third mic, I bought a .5mm TRS jack to XLR cable to plug into the back of the Zoom H4n. It records in 4 channel mode.

When I first connected the Zoom to my[[url=http://[/URL]="http://recording.or…"] computer

Zoom H4n: Using two external mics for & mono mix

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21 years
Im Using Zoom H4n as a USB interface.

I plug in two SM58 Mics in the two bottom inputs, and get sound from Input 1 on the left channel and Input 2 on the right channel. I'm trying really hard to figure out how to get sound from both inputs to come out of both channels.

The only solution I could think of does not seem right for some reason, maybe someone can tell me if its a good idea or not: I can construct an XLR splitter and plug in both mics into input 1 and have only input 1 turned on (which sends the same mono signal to both channels). Any thoughts?

Zoom H4n help - Disc reads as expired

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7 years
Hello all,

I got one of these puppies a while back from my brother, and had been too busy to use it. Now, I'm trying to get it going with my MacBook so I can download and edit the audio files I've recorded.

I installed the version of Cubase that comes along with the device, but it's telling me that it's expired, and will not allow me to use it.

Unfortunately the help and FAQ sections I've seen for this device are awful.

Zoom H4n compatible with USB 28/24 cable?

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7 years 5 months
Hi, this is my first post here. I hope you guys will bear with me and my probably very silly questions to you!

I have a Zoom H4n and I've lost its mini-USB cable. I'm trying to find a replacement and came across the 28/24 awg cable, which I had never heard of before...…

As I understand it, it transfers data faster than a regular 2.0 cable? I would like for files to get transferred to my computer quicker, so my questions are:

Zoom H4n + MXL 603s = Low Frequency "Bumps"

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7 years 9 months
I am just getting into sound and am very much a novice. I recently purchased a Zoom H4n and a pair of MXL 603s. I'm attempting to record a choir I'm in using this gear. I've made some test recordings and have also recorded a rehearsal. In these recordings I'm noticing a low frequency bumping noise. At first I thought it might be the microphones picking up steps, but it happens when there are no steps and only seems to happen in one channel. It also sounds electrical to me and not caused by an external sound source.