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Need more than 4 tracks on Zoom h4n

Is it possible to record more than 4 tracks on the h4n in MTR mode?  I would think bouncing to on mono track would allow you to add 3 more overdubs, bounce again and add 3 more. I have a project due tomorrow that requires 4 violins, 4 violas, 1 piano and 1 vocalist. I cannot get the h4n to open the bounce file nor does it open when I change the name to trk1-00 (the default name for track 1).

Podcast recording on Zoom H4n

Hi guys and girls,

I am looking to records some podcasts with my Zoom H4n. I have three XLR mics that I am trying to use.

I have plugged 2 of the mics into the XLR inputs.

For the third mic, I bought a .5mm TRS jack to XLR cable to plug into the back of the Zoom H4n. It records in 4 channel mode.

Zoom H4n: Using two external mics for & mono mix


Im Using Zoom H4n as a USB interface.

I plugin two SM58 Mics in the two bottom inputs, and get sound from Input 1 on the left channel and Input 2 on the right channel. I'm trying really hard to figure out how to get sound from both inputs to come out of both channels.

Zoom H4n help - Disc reads as expired

Hello all,

I got one of these puppies a while back from my brother, and had been too busy to use it. Now, I'm trying to get it going with my MacBook so I can download and edit the audio files I've recorded.

I installed the version of Cubase that comes along with the device, but it's telling me that it's expired, and will not allow me to use it.

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