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Problem With Firepod!

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Hey guys

So i just picked up a Presonus Firepod and i tried to install it but when i click instal it says "An error occured that prevented Cubecase LE from Installing" Anyone know whats wrong, i could really use some help!


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rmeulen Fri, 12/29/2006 - 02:35
Well you can't really tell what's wrong here. CB lite can be installed prior of installing the firepod (cb don't realy need the device to work properly, altho the provided version might be a "package" deal with steinberg, hmm dunno)

Does the device work with other softs? (just to check correct installation of the firepod)

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dementedchord Fri, 12/29/2006 - 13:09
sounds strange... usually it will install whether the machine meets spec or not... just wont run right if not spec... and the same goes for the interface and it's drivers... should be 2 separate issuses.... is the computer new??? may need to wipe everything and start over.... as someone else asked is the interface working with say win media player???