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presonus firepod


24-bit/96K 10x10 FireWire Recording Studio

PreSonus Firepod Replacement (Audio Interface or USB Mixer)

Sad news! Just upgraded Mac OS to Sierra from Snow Leopard, then PreSonus Firepod that served me right these years doesn't supported anymore (over latest OS).

So, I'm looking for a replacement, whether Audio Interface OR USB Mixer! I'm here to seeking your precious suggestions, opinions even advices!

These years, I realized that I mostly used 4 inputs from Firepod, and a lot of time processing source (clean recording) over DAW.

Disassembling Firepod?

Hey everyone,

So when I was traveling across country before, my firepod must have gotten knocked around a bit... It works completely fine but two of the red LED lights on the front for the gain knobs have fallen into the unit and I can hear them rattling around. It's not a big deal but obviously something that I would like to fix, I just don't want to pull a little too hard on something and rip a board in half. Any input is appreciated!

Recommendation of What to Replace My Firepod With?

I've got a last generation PreSonus Firepod, just basically not the one they're currently selling today, and it's not turning on anymore. Not sure what the problem is considering I haven't used it much and don't mistreat it, but anyways.

I'm looking for another recording interface hardware with firewire connectivity. This had 8 inputs but I never use more than 2, so a more compact unit with just 2 input mic/instrument inputs would be more ideal. Any recommendations?


FirePod Problem !

I have a firepod 10 connected through firewire to my pc (win xp).

The problem is that when turn on the computer and firepod everything works perfectly and then always out of nowhere the sound vanishes. That can happen eg. when listening to music/watching a movie/recording music.

Then if I switch off the Fp and then back on everything works again... until... sometime I may take a minute... sometimes longer.

Anyone ever experienced same kinda problem? (and yes my win xp is genuine with the latest updates :)

The computer itself is about one year old.


I know the Firepod is a few years old now, but I have a chance to pick one up used for a good price. How does it stack up to newer interfaces (lets say ~$300)?

I don't need 8 preamps, but at the price I can get it at it seems like a steal. I was considering the audiofire 4 before coming across this deal.

firepod/fp10 question ahh

So after months of using the now outdated firepod (because now it's all fp10) i bought an fp10 in hopes of setting it up with the firepod to record 16 tracks at once but now when i go to pick which device i want to record with it can be either the firepod or the fp10 and i am wondering if there is a way where it just makes itself into one device or would i have to switch from the firepod to fp10 when i want to record with one not the other?

I'm using Cubase sx3 by the way and thanks!

Firepod question?

I have had this firepod for about 1 year now and now I have two problems with it.

Problem one is that the speakers stopped working one day (something with the Cubase settings messed this up) and now I do not know how to put them on again. Even the headphone jack won't let me listen to the songs anymore. I know the speakers work I tested them out on the radio.

My New Laptop Won't Connect to My Firepod...So I'm...Help!

Basically I was using a SIIG 1394 Cardbus Adapter type deal to connect my old laptop to my Firepod as it had no firewire ports. I just got a new laptop (to make recording faster in part) and it also has no firewire ports, but it also has no Cardbus port. Instead it has an ExpressCard/54 Slot and of course 3 USB 2.0 ports.

Need help with PreSonus Firepod and Cubase LE 4

I'm trying to record my mic'd guitar in Cubase LE 4 using the Firepod as my audio interface, but I can't get it to work. I went in and activated the PreSonus ASIO Driver, then set up an input bus (stereo, ln1/ln2 left for the left channel, ln1/ln2 right for the right channel), then assigned those inputs to the audio track.