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vocals with PSA1

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I read somewhere that a lot of studios use SansAmp PSA1 for recording vocals. How good can it be done with this preamp? Any suggestions how to set it up to get good vocals?

Thank you!


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moonbaby Fri, 01/05/2007 - 10:31
I've used their Tri-AC pedal to do that. I'm assuming that you want a "grunge" thing added to the track? I hope so, it sure ain't clean! I route the console's insert point thru the pedal. Then you set the box to the "Cali" mode. I would avoid the "Brit" mode, mainly due to the extra capacitor this mode switches into the circuit. It tends to make the signal too harsh and raspy (maybe that's good to you, but...). You may have to back off the channel's gain trim control to keep from pushing the pedal's input TOO hard from the insert. Too much "dirt" is...