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Getting the best out of APOGEE Jam, USB Mic and GARAGEBAND

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I am new to the world of recording and learning about all the gear. I want to know if there is anything I can do to make my guitar sound fuller/louder and with more life running through Apogeejam into garageband. It can sound a little tinny to me it just feels like it needs a boost. I know that the JAM is a preamp, but If i hooked it up with another preamp or some kind of DI box would it give me this boost I desire? I have a USB mic, the Samson C03U can anything be done with this to give it that boost and life?

Generally garageband can feel a little quiet and flat even when I get into mastering so any advice on that would be appreciated.

Many thanks


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Boswell Wed, 05/13/2015 - 15:44
Is this a solid body guitar with magnetic induction pickups, an acoustic guitar with a piezo pickup or some other type? Are there any electronics built-in to the guitar (does it need a battery)? Do you use a pedal or other signal modifier on the way into the interface?

Jam is an amplifier plus A-D converter and computer interface. The output from the amplifier is not user-accessible other than via the A-D converter, so you can't daisy-chain another analog box after it. However, there is the possibility of using it just as a converter by putting your guitar signal into a pedal of some sort and then into the Jam to get the tone you want.

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Rufio90210 Thu, 05/14/2015 - 05:33
sorry I hadn't realised there was a reply I just quickly popped another question out. I just think it sounds thin and flat with all my guitars, my acoustics (battery) and electrics a yamaha pacifica and a Hamer semi acoustic. Not sure what the pick ups are and Im not using any stomp boxes or anytthing just straight into the Jam. From what I can tell the duet has a really good pre amp in it so maybe that will give me the boost I crave.