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After getting in touch with Yamaha chat support about my DGX-650 electric piano, which is USB-MIDI connection and unable to connect to an interface, they tell me my keyboard is made to be compatible to my MAC, so there is no driver downloadable for my specific model.
I am also using the logic program, and I now my computer comes pretty set on removing latency, but I do still get it. I am using logic Pro X.
There is a generic driver download link that he sent me. Should I download it anyway and see if it helps? What other settings can I noodle with to help eliminate this problem?

I am new as new can be to all of this. There is one more question. I did a test recording the other day that began creating a loop that sounded a lot like a CD skipping, which I attributed to latency. Is that what it was or was that a different problem? It only happened when I hooked my keyboard up to my computer.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!