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Warm audio WA-47jr VS ... ?

Hi there..

In this video I compare the warm audio wa-47jr to 2 other mics that share the same kind of capsule and EQ curve.. The Neumann U47 inspired mics all have a bit less high frequencies than other general condenser mics.. They are perfect for HF agressive instruments and sibilant voices..

I'm building a S-87 and soon will do a few videos about it. I will also include the mics in this video. So stay tuned

Let me know what you think..


pcrecord Sun, 07/12/2020 - 18:20

kmetal, post: 464906, member: 37533 wrote: I consistently find the t-47 to be a good sounding mic in your vids.

Matt at, knows what he is doing !! All his kits sounds great !