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This is a quick and dirty effort on the part of all parties. A high school Junior wrote the piece - I think as part of a class project - and my daughter (on bari) and her friend (on clarinet) recorded it on Monday after school. They are both Seniors. Tech is out of school and I was working at home, so I helped them use my DAW rather than just the Edirol as they were planning. (Couldn't resist.) I set up a pair of C414s in Blumline crossed 8s about 7ft. in front of them. Other than adding some reverb and pulling down the low mids a hair I didn't do much to it. I'd welcome any comments and suggestions.


JoeH Wed, 11/21/2007 - 07:03

Very nice! I think I'm just as impressed with the writing as I am with the recording and playing. These kids sure are talented!

I think it's great you dove in and helped out with this, you did a nice job. I'm listening on my laptop, but I don't hear keys clacking, and there's only one spot where I hear breathing. (Very tough to avoid with two wind players by themselves!)

I've got a tenor sax duet from last week that I recorded (2nd sax is an overdub.) If I can get permission, I'll post it here as well.

Thanks for the clip, really enjoyed it.


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