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Recording Saxophones


We've been working on another video - the idea to talk about recording saxophones, but it became obvious that many people have never looked at saxophones that hard, so the video stretched a bit - the first section looks at how saxes actually work and how you should not do certain things, and also the kind of detective work you should do when you have somebody with a sax that needs recording.

Micing Live Performance of Sax Quartet


I have a sax quartet and need to record our performances for some QC. The music we play are jazz standards and the arrangements have a lot going on in the inner voices. We need to be able to listen to our performances to check out how we balance on set vs. in rehearsal. Our set up is usually in a V. I am unable to place a mic stand in front of the group past the front music stands. If I have to have the mic stands in in back of the group or close in front, what cost effective microphone(s) would you recommend I use, placed where and pointed where?

Recording Saxophones, Mic and Pre-Amp Combo



I am looking for advice on a decent setup for recording saxophones a Mic and a Pre-Amp. Making a call to one of the big online pro-audio companies gives me different advice for every engineer I talk with and the last seemed only to only recommend choices based on the high end of my "budget".

Note: I cannot afford to spend $5,000 on a gold plated vintage Neumann :) and was hoping to stay under $1K for each option not more than $1600 all together.

Mic Suggestions for Saxophone and Flute


Hi everybody I've got about $400.00 to spend on a mic that will be used primarily for Micing sax and flute. I was thinking about possibly picking up an Electro-Voice RE20 for the job based on some things I have read in the past about them. However, I figure that some of you knowledgeble folk might be able to tell me if I'm making a wrong decision or if you know of a better mic to do the job at around this price. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Looking For Saxophone/Trumpet/Violin Player

Basically I am in a band, but lately indulge in abit of home recording to broaden my ideas, atm I have a little piece recorded, with some simple piano chords, and me playing guitar, there are spaces in between the guitar playing and I would like these if possible to be filled by a saxophone, if not a trumpet would be fine or even a violin would be interesting, if you are up for this little project, just reply, and I will upload the Ableton file or if need be an Audacity file, and then send the finished piece back to me, the piece is in Bb Natural Minor, so I would like the player to play in th

Mic placement for saxophones


I seem to get the best recorded saxophone sound by placing the microphone in line with the bell about a foot or two away. The lowest note on the saxophone always overloads the mic, however. I can help alleviate the problem by riding the fader, but I'd rather not. If I move the mic to the side, I lose a lot of sound quality.

Any ideas to get a more even response? I usually use a RODE NTK into a cheap Boss BR-1180 digital 8 track recorder.

Recording Sax - scared!

Alright, so here's my small dilemma...

I am going to be recording some sax coming up here pretty soon for a rock song. The player is incredible, in fact he has a doctorate's in music (he is the band director at the local college as well), so I really don't want to screw this one up!

My question is out of the following microphones I currently own - that I think would suit this application - (though I can be in the position to rent a microphone if need be) which would be the most suitable: SM57, AT 3035, MXL 993, Apex 435.


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