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Vegas Audio Multitrack Problem

This is my first use of the Forum so bear with me.
I have a P4 1.5Mhz, 256Meg RAM and I'm using Vegas Audio 2.0 to record my Blugrass/Country band. It's been going real well. We've got bed trax for all songs down and have started doing some overdubs. When I got to about the 6th track in one of the songs I noticed that the overdub sounded in time with the bed track until about half way through the 3min song when It started to appear to be going out of time. By the end of the track it was way out of time.
Now someone has suggested looking at DMA and I've questioned the problem of Record Latency which seems to have no explanation in Help file.
Can anyone help me with this?


Opus2000 Sun, 10/28/2001 - 07:10
Well...what hardware are you using? Is this all going in analog or digital? Any MIDI syncing going on? What OS are you using... 98, 2k, XP? The "bed" tracks you are talking about..were they recorded differently from what you are laying down at the present moment? Need more information as to how you are recording and as much information as possible about the sessions. Also if you let me know what OS you are using I can give you a bunch of optimization tweaks for your OS. I dont think it's Vegas but then again I'm not sure until I get your info that I requested. Let me know

anonymous Mon, 10/29/2001 - 16:35
Opus, thanks for your reply.
I am using Windows98 with a Pentium 4/1.5Ghz processor, a 6.4G fireball HD(not sure of speed, 18months old) and a Seagate 17G HD (12 months old)The soundcard I'm using is a standard used on motherboards now... Avance AC'97. I haven't 'tweaked' any settings at this point, there doesn't appear to be any conflicts and I turn all TRS's off when I record.
I'm not using any MIDI... all trax are recorded thru the LineIn either from a mixing console LineOut or DI from guitars.
Thanks again for your help

Opus2000 Mon, 10/29/2001 - 16:40
Ok..generally most audio cards that are built in really dont handle multiple tracks or buffers at has a hard time keeping all the data together on a certain amount of tracks. As I said I didnt think Vegas was the issue can get yourself an Echo card or an MAudio card and find you'd get way better results..Echo has discountinued some of their cards which you can find pretty easily on the web for pretty cheap. The Gina Card...MIA card...check em out
Good luck




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