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I have a WAV file, 348mb. It won't open in any program, but i can listen to it in the import file dialogue box of CuBase LE. when I import it the time code reads as 0:00:00 start and 0:00:00 end. it is approx 30 minutes long

any ideas how I can recover the sound or open the file?
mac d

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anonymous Sat, 08/09/2008 - 06:24

many thanks
Thomas Space TrilliumSound and

for all advice, unfortunately I don't know anyone with wavelab and am working with a mac. I will see if a friend can open it with the wavehead application on her pc, I hope i can recover it as it is a recording of an interview with a poet, who lives quite a distance away, so it would be difficult to replicate.

the only other info I could find was way over my head but it may be of interest to you at

thanks again anymore ideas are welcome of course
in hte meantime,
I'll let you know if i get the audio back.

mac d