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some tips for recording a great drum sound ..

i track, mix, master


paulears Fri, 08/31/2018 - 09:21

Just wanted to know the style of the delivery - sometimes us Brits find US presentation difficult to follow, so for me, for example, if it is amazingly produced with very clear audio but the presenter ramble from subject to subject I'd find it difficult to watch. Presentation is everything. It's like the Alan Parsons material - we Brits find his style perfect for us, but some of my US friends cannot stand it. The ad doesn't give any examples from the end product.

pcrecord Fri, 08/31/2018 - 10:32

I found the images to be dark and a bit lofi at parts. Voice over and sound is very good, althought the 70-80's style of sounds isn't what everybody is looking for.
I think it's a shame that it explains what is a play when recording but doesn't give much details about specifics.
Of course recording drums is an art and it would have been an hour long video to explain everything ;)
I went to your website. Feels a bit dated but nice list of customers !
A list of plugins isn't something I would show, I think.

BTW, Welcome to RO, great to have you onboard !
Thanks for sharing and I hope we will have great discussions !


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