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I'm back. ;-)

Let the tomatoes rain down on me.


pcrecord Thu, 04/06/2017 - 04:57

Pabyen, post: 449228, member: 50341 wrote: Yes, it's song I posted during winter. These parts are really sung twice and sometimes in different ranges.
What would you do about the drums?

I don't know, I think the song is performed too perfectly. (all instruments) I'd like to have more dynamics more life. But that's just me. I won't pretend I'm a reference.
If you like that, that's fine.
Regarding the sounds of the drums itself, it sounds aseptised, no tone nor dynamic variations. Everything sound gated and isolated. I like bleeds and un-quantised performance with imperfections. Again, just my preference ;)

pcrecord Thu, 04/06/2017 - 06:21

Pabyen, post: 449245, member: 50341 wrote: It's not easy to §$%&/ up superior drummer. ;-) Putting the life back in these recordings is a hell of a task. I'd rather find some actual musicians, but that proved to be difficult.

I know it, doing lively programming of VSTi could be as difficult as finding band members.
Thing is, it all depends on what you want to do with the songs you made. Doing it for fun at home or promote yourself for live gigs, or selling them are all calling for different time investment, efforts, dexterity and knowledge level.

The first thing to avoid is doing copy paste. Play the whole song a few times and keep the better parts. If you do multiple guitars, having the parts differ will greatly improve the sound in the mix (specially if you hard pan them)

For the drums, I use Addictive drums which sounds very good. It has a random feature that can simulate a bit of life (Timing and Velocity) and the accents is also a great feature

If you don't have that kind of tool, I recommand you play the drums with your hands(fingers) (on a keyboard or a controler) even if it is one instrument at the time.
When quantising, never quantise at 100%. Depending on the speed of the song 95% to 98% will keep a bit of life.

Programming is very different than playing. But it could sound natural with some efforts.
If you don't want to redo the two songs you recently posted, at least keep those ideas in mind for the next ones...