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I know this is a classic kick drum mic, but is it good for any other applications? I know it used to be used on TV and film studio floors, until the 451 came along, so is it any good as a vocal mic, or on any specific instruments?

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anonymous Thu, 06/26/2003 - 08:46

The D-25 is my all time favorite Kick mic. It needs very little EQ in the mids, has a a great punchy bottom that stays clear of the bass guitar, and brings out just the right amount of snap. As for other applications, I've never had much luck. I've never found a use for it where another mic would not do a better job. Some people swear by it on bass cabinets but to me it lacks to much in the 100-300 hz area, and accentuates the clicks and nasally highs too much. A 421 always smoked it back when I was trying to find other uses for it. It might be a one trick pony but it does the bonham/moon/watts trick really damn well!

anonymous Fri, 06/27/2003 - 05:20

Thanks Cub

Well, I will definately hold onto one of them, even though it will most likely not get much use, as I don't intend to record any drum kits in by bedroom studio. However, I do have a Darbuka (Doumbek), which it may be real cool for? Anyone used one to record one of these?

If anyone is interested in buying one, please feel free to email me.

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