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iZotope Nuetron 3 Elements not hearing audio

This plugin is supposed to listen to an audio clip (like Melodyne does) and make corrections based on that. But it just stays on the "Waiting for you to play audio..." screen. I apologize if this is the wrong place to post but I didn't see any other forum for, let's say plugins/software. I can't find an iZotope owned forum either.

Izotope Ozone 9 lets you re-balance vocals in stereo mix.

This is a great new feature! Something i think we have been wishing for, for a long time. Adjust vocals, drums, and bass individually, right from the stereo mix! I skipped the upgrade from ozone 7 to 8, but did take advantage of intro pricing on 9, mainly for this feature. Check it out, seems to work very transparently.

Help with early 1990's reel-Tape Audio Restoration (Reverb) of Vocal Speech with Izotope or AA

I've cleaned up hundreds of hours of tape recordings, admittedly the easy stuff like humm, clicks, airplanes overhead, etc. So I'm still a totally nube, but I don't even know exactly what it's called when it's like the microphone is too close to their mouth and there is a reverb harshness to each word.