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Hello there,

Well, I purchased a Korg D1600. Nice unit. Recorded about 40 songs, some really irreplaceable.

Yesterday, the hard drive would not boot up. I kept getting "init hard drive" error messages. I finally clicked ok--after about 1 second only, the hard drive then worked--with no ability to access the prior songs.

Yes, I know, I know...I shouldn't have clicked "ok". That having been said, thinking about initialization, it seems unlikely to me that all of that data was actually physically removed from the HD in the 1 sec from clicking "ok" to the unit operating again. I suspect (hope) that the data is actually still physically present on the drive, but cannot be access through the Korg program.

Any thoughts on how to recover the data? My own recollections are that when you initalize a drive on a PC, that process takes several minutes, so I am hoping the songs are still physically present on the drive.



Alan J. Lipman

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Rod Gervais Tue, 07/15/2003 - 05:41


I own a D1600 - and do not know of any way to get what you want.......... it isn't documented - not in the manual - nor on the Korg website.

My best reccomendation would be to contact a Korg repair technician and pose the question to them.

For the future though:

Do you have the CD-burner? - if yes - then remember the most important thing with any computer system....... BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP.

If not - get one and follow the above.

You should be backing up anything that you really care about every time you modify it.

As far as the few seconds it took - vrs taking a longer time to initialize - if it did a standard "erase" the names were changed in the file allocation table (FAT - although they may use a storage system other than FAT it would work the same) then the data is still there - you just can't see it - but it can be written over if you put anything else on the system.

If you expected it to take longer - that would probably happen if you were to format the drive - which would generally completely destroy the data.
(There are such things as "Safe Formats" but i doubt Korg uses them for this equipment)

I am sorry i couldn't really help on this one.

Maybe someone else has encountered this in the past and can shed some light on it.


lambchop Tue, 07/15/2003 - 06:24

Alan, sorry to hear about your dilemma.

One of the problems with a stand alone DAW is that you are sometimes held captive to its design. Rod's advice is probably your best recourse. If there is a way to retrieve your data, who's better to ask than the manufacturer's technicians?

By the way, did you find that Studio Buddy program helpful?


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