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Speakers make weird chirp sound every so often when playing back or monitoring through interface. If I go through the built-in input the speakers work fine. Could it be the interface? Thanks

see audio clip for example:


kmetal Sat, 01/05/2019 - 13:52

Sure could be the interface. Make sure you have an updated driver. If your on a laptop it could be a psu related noise that you onboard speakers arent reproducing. See if the noise is present when on battery power. If its a usb interface, make sure its the only device plugged into the port. Ideally theyll be nothing else plugged into another port thats sharing the same usb data bus. Try differnt ports for the interface with nothing else plugged into any of tbe usb ports.

It could also be a buffer issue. You can increase the buffer size and see if it goes away.