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I have been happily running Pro Tools 4.1.1 on my 9600 under OS 8.1 for a "long" time (in computer years). :D

I guess OS 9 and PT 5.0.x is as far as I can go with this, because (SURPRISE!) the "old" digi hardware won't work with what they're putting out now.

Is anybody running a configuration like this? I can't even get 9.1 to install itself without crashing, and I do not have any non-Mac extensions, or extensions I don't absolutely need for PT.


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Greg Malcangi Tue, 04/03/2001 - 00:27

Hi audiokid,

<< Are you saying I can't go to PT 5.1 and OS 9.1? >>

Neither Dan or yourself mentioned the actual digi hardware you are using. If you've got PT24 or PTMix you should not have a problem. PTIII though is not supported for software version 5.1.

BTW, I'm using this:

OS 8.6
PT 5.1 Mix++

Touch wood, it's been solid as a rock. I've been running 5.1 10 hours a day for about three weeks and have not yet had a crash.


Greg Malcangi Fri, 04/06/2001 - 03:45

Hi audiokid,

I believe that OSX will be for G4s and later. However I'm not 100% sure.

Digi has voiced it's support for OSX since the early days of it's anouncement. When we will actually see an OSX compatible version of PT though is another matter. Certainly v5.1 cannot run under OSX and I doubt we will see an OSX version before the end of the year.


SonOfSmawg Sat, 10/13/2001 - 00:16

You guys should really be checking the Apple website. I check it about once a month for updates, and there's almost always something there for me to download. Apple puts a lot of work into fine-tuning their software, and you really should take full advantage of that.
The most current OS9 update is version 9.2.1. If you are running 9.xx it is a free update. There's an update for OSX now, also free of charge if you already have OSX.
If you haven't checked the Apple site in a few months for updates, set an afternoon aside to get caught-up as there have been a lot of them.

SonOfSmawg Sun, 10/14/2001 - 15:09

Hmmm...if you're already running 9.04 I would think you could run 9.2.1...but best to check with Apple before you do it, of course. I would be surprised if you can run OSX, though.
Maybe wait for the next fleet of Macs to come out and consider buying a new one! I read somewhere that the next Macs coming out will support DDR SDRAM, which is great since it is almost as cheap as regular SDRAM now.