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Hi guys,

I was thinking of buying some great pre, because I really think this could warm up my vocals recording.

Everybody speaks about Neve 1073, I would like to know if there is some audio comparison between some pres somewere to be downloaded.

For instance U87 -> Neve 1073 -> DAW
in comparison to
U87 -> same DAW
or with other pres in between.

That would be very useful and interesting...

(sorry for my italianized english)

Thank you.

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RecorderMan Sat, 02/14/2004 - 18:39

Originally posted by RecorderMan:
trust me on this....

If you get a 1073 you'll be happy.

If you can't get good sound with it then it's something a "pre" won't fix.

The one caveat on this is if you are getting a vintage (i.e. real) neve 1073 make sure it's in working condition. Take it to a tech to verify that it is. Also, real Neves are old & expensive. I'd suggest a copy, their are many that sound as close to any neves as individual neve channels do from each other. You'll save money and have a warranty and support. Then when you get more channels you'll have a consistency.