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Hey everyone
I've been trying Pro Tools 10 HD and its Plugins etc. to be able to have my personal view on the DAW.

As I'm recording vocals, I notice a double-effect in monitoring, but the recorded vocal track is not double. How can I disable Pro Tools Software monitoring?

If it interests anybody, this is my view on Pro Tools 10 HD:
- Disappointed that it does not come in a 64-bit version
- A million bugs that I had to tackle individually
- Even on my Desktop it lags every now and then
(i-7 5820k, 16GB DDR4 Ram, super-fast SSD, etc.)
- I had to convert certain Plugins to make them work, which was a hassle

- Plugins, specially the Instruments that come with PT, are wonderful
- When you are working for a while, the workflow is nice
- Since it's the "Industry Standard", I was able to find a lot of useful resources

Reaper works much, much smoother, but it is nice using both PT and Reaper. Considering trying PT 11


Kuroneku Fri, 02/13/2015 - 20:42

apstrong, post: 425039, member: 36444 wrote: Never used PT but apparently it's a common complaint. There's this workaround:

Thank you very much. I found out that that fix is only available to Mac users.


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