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hey guys... i wanna record sounds of my keyboard...but i wanna use the sequencer of Cubase... i wanna use its midi sequencer instead of my keyboard. now in the midi devices list my keyboard isn't in the list... the following are the midi parameters of my keyboard.

1. Base Midi Channels= 01-16
2. Clock source- Internal/MIDI
3. Xmit Midi Clocks= on/off
4.Bank n Prog recv= on/off
5. rest control recv= on/off
6. sys ex recv= on/off
7. sys ex device id= 000
and bunch of other control options...
now what i wanna what settings should i put to it... what should i do from Cubase and what should i do from my Keyboard.
my keyboard is kinda old...its
but i like its sounds still it has the best ethnic sound library in it plus i have two ethnic sounds cards expended in it... so please i would appreciate the help...


cfaalm Tue, 12/27/2005 - 04:35

I am not familiar with your synth. Some synths with internal sequencer are only multitimbral when using their own sequencer, like the Casio CZ 5000.

What would be a good test, is to set up different channels in Cubase with the MIDI channels 1 - 8 an try these channels one by one and just see if the different channels produce different sounds. If that is the case, you synth is multitimbral outside of its own sequencer.

Some tips:

Search your manual for details on these:

Set local control to OFF

1. Base MIDI channel can be on 1, no problem. This is only important if you have more synths connected.
2. Clock source should be INTERNAL to prevent Cubase from starting your internal sequencer.
3. Xmit MIDI clocks OFF, of no relevance.
4. Bank n Prog receive ON if you want Cubase to send program changes.

The rest of that is too difficult from here.

anonymous Tue, 12/27/2005 - 04:55

hey buddy its still not happening i did the settings exactly like you said... but the thing is back in the days my other fellow musician he use to connect this keyboad with triton and it was doin' fine he use to sequence the sounds from this keyboard on triton...
ok i should be going out from my keyboard to the in of my device or vice versa...cuz i have tried both still... help me out with this dude....