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I just recorded drums and there is a weird ominous ambience in the background in some parts of the song. Can anyone tell me what it may be?:eek:

Specifically, at 1:16 and 2:01. It sounds like actual music.!download|711|425265631|brettwhitney_project_2_1.mp3|3152.665



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Big K Mon, 10/18/2010 - 09:59

This is strange... ( those are alternating 2? tones rather then odd percussion sounds you have to watch out for..very quiet, but nevertheless there...)

Do you keep any guitars or bongos in the room?
Have you tried to take off the lower drumheads?
Any water / heating pipes, air-inlets? ( I suppose, not)
Maybe try using an amplified frequency generator to sweep through the frequencies.
At some point whatever is producing these sustained sounds must begin to resonate.
Then kick it in the face ...

I encountered something similar only once at a friends studio and that were 2 wooden planks or
boards mounted face to face with hardly any space left inbetween that began to resonate with a humming tone when tracking bass guitar.
2 fat screws solved that fast and forever....

reasonedout Mon, 10/18/2010 - 23:46

Wow, I think I figured it out.

Well. I took away the Mic in the picture that looks like its not doing anything from the snare.... and turned down channel and did not record that into PT... however, I f***ed up, and turned down the snare mic on top and left the other mic recording. When I get into the studio I may have to just turn off that mic and see if that is the problem. It is so weird. My friends don't hear it, but I def do. Thanks Big K and natural I appreciate the help.!!! Do you think this is the problem?