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Best DVD Tutorial on Mastering techniques

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I just bought a DVD teaching SONAR by ASK Video and it was just terrific. It was a hands-on encyclopedia of almost every window and application shown on screen for that software program, which made it clearer than any book could ever be.
I've bought nothing but bad tutorials from many other sources, espemade by Universal Studio was awful, too. The Wavelab video from Keyfax stinks, although I heard there was a 3 disk German Tutorial on Wavelab that was great, but it comes only in German which is like watching Hitler speeches.
Do you know of any Tutorials that deal with Mastering that covers screenshots that display moves with someone explaining methods thoroughly and not randomly. I use hardware preamps, compressors and equalizers so it's quite a bit different than software. I don't want to spend a fortune on Waves or UA software when I own Avalon class A hardware that I find much easier to adjust and use than software which is would take me so long to learn, let alone pay for.
There's dozens of Mastering Tutorial DVD's, but they're not cheap, especially when they don't teach you squat. I'd really love to find one as Direct and thorough as this Sonar DVD, which is taught the only way it should be, by showing chapter and verse techniques by visually seeing the adjustments and settings being operated. Thanks very much.