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Ripping stems: Tips and Techniques

Hi all . I'm new to both this forum and to STEMS. I am using RipX to rip my stems and my DAW is Ableton live.

As anyone knows the success rate with ripping stems is a bit hit and miss. Sometimes the main instrument stem/track comes out badly ...words to describe the sound would be very fussy, phasey, broken up, space-age, clipped etc. (if you know you know !)

SO what I want to know is what post ripping effects do people apply to even out this problem. I have a bit of luck with heavy EQ but I'm sure there must be way more I can try 

Recording and mixing techniques to create crowds

Hi, I am looking to record/mix a hook very similar to the way this one sounds. :22-:33 of Wes Walker's "Pop The F**k Off". [MEDIA=soundcloud]weswalker/pop-the-f**k-off-wes-walker[/MEDIA]
I am wondering how to achieve this crowd sound with only vocals from one person through vocal layering (approximately how many stacks/voice inflections), panning, and stereo imaging. Thanks a lot for the help!

Boards of Canada mixing techniques anyone?

Hello all.

I was really interested in discussing boc's mixing, arranging techniques. From the how much compression to reverb, to their arranging techniques. How do they get such floaty drums out of a sampler? Are those loops or does it sound like a kit played? How is it so minimalistic, yet so full? Or any technique anyone wants to share? In my opinion they are master technicians. Love their bass and drum, sampling work.

Mixing Techniques - How Do You Approach Your Mix ?

I know this has been covered here on RO in a previous thread "How Do You Mix?", but I thought it would be an interesting discussion to have again as the previous thread dates from 2001.

It would be interesting to hear from members on their style of mixing and the different techniques we use.

Do you mix from the bottom up, starting from drum tracks and bass tracks, then adding guitar and other tracks, thereby allowing space for your vocal tracks, then bring your vocal mix in over the top ?

Redundant Recording systems/techniques for live concert (novice)

hey all, i just got a call to record an annual concert, destined for dvd. something i have never done before on this scale. it's a rock band w/ numerous guest spot type things. i don'y have all the details until next week, but if it's like previous events i've seen from this client the backline consists of about 4 guitar rigs, 2 bass rigs, and 3 keyboard stations, 3 vocal mics, and one drum kit. everything will be mic'ed up and check thru and thru, and unmuted as needed. For now, until i meet up w/ him and see the setup, i'll figure a 24trk recording.

mic recording techniques for drums

I've got a hankering to try some three mic recording techniques for drums. Here's what I have to work with:

Room: 23' X 16' with 14' cathedral ceilings, copious OC703 and Ethan Weineresque bass traps
Drums: mid-range 80s era Tamas with nice high-end Zildjian cymbals and a bad-ass 60s Leedy snare
Mics: 2 X Peluso P12 tube mics, a Neumann U-89, lots of dynamic mics
Preamps: 2 X SCA A12 preamps (API clones), SCA N72 (Neve clone), Demeter HM-1 stereo tube pre

HELP! Singing (rapping) techniques while recording

Hi guys, can anyone give my some tips on how i can deliver my rap correctly?

basically I'm going really wild on the mic but when it comes to listening back, it sounds dull and with no effort? Any advice / tips on delivery when recording and/or how to mix it to put life into it?

P.s I'm really new to recording/mixing my own stuff..

Heres an example of my work


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