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James Taylor on playing and technique: exclusive video for Guitarist magazine

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21 years 2 months
Fun video with Jame Taylor. The mic looks like a Mojave. Beautiful sounding guitar.

[GALLERY=media, 471]James Taylor on playing and technique: exclusive video for Guitarist magazine - YouTube by audiokid posted Sep 12, 2017 at 7:25 PM[/GALLERY]

Recording and mixing techniques to create crowds

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4 years 8 months
Hi, I am looking to record/mix a hook very similar to the way this one sounds. :22-:33 of Wes Walker's "Pop The F**k Off". [MEDIA=soundcloud]weswalker/pop-the-f**k-off-wes-walker[/MEDIA]
I am wondering how to achieve this crowd sound with only vocals from one person through vocal layering (approximately how many stacks/voice inflections), panning, and stereo imaging. Thanks a lot for the help!

Boards of Canada mixing techniques anyone?

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5 years 6 months
Hello all.

I was really interested in discussing boc's mixing, arranging techniques. From the how much compression to reverb, to their arranging techniques. How do they get such floaty drums out of a sampler? Are those loops or does it sound like a kit played? How is it so minimalistic, yet so full? Or any technique anyone wants to share? In my opinion they are master technicians. Love their bass and drum, sampling work.

Mixing after having recorded with a stereo technique: ORTF, XY, NOS, Decca Tree, Blumlein, AB

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5 years 8 months
There are tons of discussions about these stereo techniques (RTF, NOS, XY, Decca tree, Blumlein, AB) but I did not see much with regard to the mix once used them after recording.
After one has recorded using one of these stereo techniques, what procedure to follow in the mixing process? Logically, the tracks should already reflect the stereo effect ... but if we are not entirely satisfied with the result:
What can one do with the 2 tracks in the DAW? If we do not let them as such, at 0 in the mixer, how much panning after each technique?

Mixing Techniques - How Do You Approach Your Mix ?

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6 years 4 months
I know this has been covered here on RO in a previous thread "How Do You Mix?", but I thought it would be an interesting discussion to have again as the previous thread dates from 2001.

It would be interesting to hear from members on their style of mixing and the different techniques we use.

Do you mix from the bottom up, starting from drum tracks and bass tracks, then adding guitar and other tracks, thereby allowing space for your vocal tracks, then bring your vocal mix in over the top ?

"Song For Paris" - Mix & Recording Technique

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7 years 5 months
Hi Guys!

Watched the events of the last week unfold with my wife at my side and a guitar in my hands. This little chord figure worked it's way through my fingers until I decided it had to be recorded on Saturday/Sunday. This song is very much an existential lament. Would love your feedback on the mix and anything else you hear.

2 Acoustic guitar tracks (same guitar) recorded in stereo each with a matched pair of RØDE M5 in X/Y

Multiple Mic Techniques

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19 years 11 months
There have been several threads on this subject throughout time here at R.O. and I feel that it is an important subject as many are using or attempting to use multiple mics on single sources or in some cases, for example, a singer songwriter performance where you have two sources effecting two or more mics at a time.