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M S Matrix? what is it?

Hi, i just wanted to know what is it about or what it does, and how to use it, i tried opening this plugin in wavelab but i had to open another cos the sound turned left, and then it came back to center, but i don't understand what is it for.

Sorry about my ignorance but i need lamest terms to understand, and then a good explanation.



Thomas W. Bethel Sat, 07/16/2005 - 05:05

M-S stands for Mid Side

Mid is the mono signal

Side is the phase information that is in every stereo signal

Mid Side is an encode and decode system

When you are recording you can record the mid signal and the side signal separately ( Cardioid mic for the mid - figure 8 or bi-directional microphone for the sides) or you can take an already recorded signal and split it into mid and side signals which is what the plug in you are referring to is doing. One channel will have the mid information and sound mono and one channel will have the side information and sound very "spacey". You can then work on them separately and later use another plugin to recombine them back into a stereo signal.

Hope this helps.

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