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i am a home recording musician and i would like to buy a decent mic preamp.
I use Shure KSM27 mic, a mixing console and M-Audio fast track pro. All i need now is a decent mic preamp. Can you make me some suggestions on some pieces worth buying that cost up to $500?


Scoobie Sun, 12/24/2006 - 16:33

I'll 2nd the Grace. Very good and clean pre.
Love the RNP also, I like everthing that I've ever used from FMR. Real bang for a buck stuff,JMHO.

For real cheap I like the Studio Projects VTB-1. I got one free and use it with my cheap Oktava ML-53 Ribbon Mic.
Together they produce a very unique colour.

Want'in something with a tube for under 500 bones,
Check out the Brick. Groove Tubes Brick. About as good as it gets for uder 500 bones.