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home recording

I've just finished this song and video that was produced in my home studio

I've just finished and uploaded the video of the penultimate song and video from my upcoming album. This track has been in the works for the past three to four months. In that time I've survived getting the dreaded C***d amongst other things.

The track is in two parts and I used alternate acoustic guitar tunings as an experiment. My good friend Mark Beling (also a guitarist) caught C***d at the same time as I did and I decided that when we get through the recovery I'd invite him to contribute to the song.

Advice on creating a digital home recording setup

Hey all,

New to the community but already found so much helpful info here, now its time to dive into the details...

I am getting back into home recording. My previous experience with this was a Tascam 424 cassette-based setup. So this digital world is truly amazing to me. I record old school analogue instruments, except a keyboard (but no midi)

Here is the first easy test demo I made:

home recording for my bluthner grand 1885

hi guyz, right now im using a bheringer b2pro. vey entry level microphone. I wanted to ask you if you had a microphone (not in pairs) to recommend for recording a grand piano at home.
the room is (4x10) and the piano is a beautiful bluthner 220 cm from 1890.
i was looking for Rode nt1 / Okm II or a Akg P420. unlukily i cant go over 200 $.
i would want to start with only one microhpone for now. any ideas ?

Home Recording/playing/live tracking/mixing your own album

Hello folks!
I'm new here and I signed up after thinking deeply about my recent experience while bored in quarantine.
The question I'm posing is pretty huge, so forgive me.
First of all, I'm a total noob when it comes to recording, but last summer for a number of reasons (mostly money related) I decided i would invest what little money I managed to save to get some gear and finally record my first album, with little to no prior experience.
In retrospect it was a bold and kinda stupid decision, but whatever.

Home Recording Studio Build It Like The Pros

I've recently moved to Mongolia and most of my gear is in Canada. I'd like to be able to do a bit of hobby recording but don't want anything too big or expensive and am wondering if there is anything on the market that has both audio interface and headphone amplifier capability in one unit. It doesn't need to be great quality as I've got good stuff in Canada I can bring next time I visit. Looking for something to tide me over basically and right now budget is tight. Right now I'm jamming with four others from work but we have no PA.

Blue Spark vs MLX 990s for home recording (acoustic & vocals)

hey all. visiting family & planning on doing a little recording with my niece. the only mic i've ever really owned is a studio b1 from like 2002. it died on me & i need to get one really quick and don't want to spend more than $100. I know...not much.

Guitar Center has a MXL 990s Patriot Edition for $55 brand new, but someone in the area has a blue spark for that they'd sell me for $75 that is new too.

Market Price on the Spark is $100 more than the MXL, so I'm guessing it's worth the extra 20 to get the Spark?

Mic for home recording covers - different genres

Hey guys, I need a mic for my home studio as I'm starting recording covers - different genres (pop, rock, metal, country, jazz).

I've been researching and two mics are my Top 2 choices - MXL v67 and sE X1.

I already own SM57 and have an idea of using both SM57 and that new mic I buy for recording covers.

In that sense, I would buy complementary mic - they say sE X1 is more for rock/metal, higher pitch, screaming and v67 a more warmer mid-section pop player.

Video - Home Recording- Five Key Things You Need?

Warren Huart, producer and engineer for acts like Aerosmith, James Blunt, Korn, and others, has this video on YouTube, where he talks about the 5 Key Things that every home studio should have. He also talks about the things that he feels aren't as important; most notably, pro level mics, pre's, converters and monitors.