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A panel of some of the great ones talking about Compression:

[=""]Chapter 1[/]="http://www.cuttinge…"]Chapter 1[/] |[[url=http://="http://www.cuttinge…"]Chapter 2[/]="http://www.cuttinge…"]Chapter 2[/] | [=""]Chapter 3[/]="http://www.cuttinge…"]Chapter 3[/] | [[url=http://="http://www.cuttinge…"]Chapter 4[/]="http://www.cuttinge…"]Chapter 4[/]

Seated left to right: Fab Dupont, our moderator. Dave Derr of [=""]Empirical Labs, Inc.[/]="http://www.cuttinge…"]Empirical Labs, Inc.[/], Wade Goeke of [[url=http://="http://www.cuttinge…"]Chandler Ltd.[/]="http://www.cuttinge…"]Chandler Ltd.[/], Rupert Neve of [=""]Rupert Neve Designs[/]="http://www.cuttinge…"]Rupert Neve Designs[/], Hutch Hutchison of [[url=http://="http://www.cuttinge…"]Rupert Neve Design[/]="http://www.cuttinge…"]Rupert Neve Design[/], Dave Hill of [=""]CRane Song[/]="http://www.cuttinge…"]CRane Song[/] and George Massenburg of [[url=http://="http://www.cuttinge…"]George Massenburg Labs[/]="http://www.cuttinge…"]George Massenburg Labs[/]
A standing room only group was treated to a spirited discussion on the art and history of compression by some of the most experienced luminaries in the field.


anonymous Wed, 01/19/2011 - 23:12

Very interesting video. Thanks for sharing it. I found it amusing to hear Rupert Neve use the word analog in precisely the same way as the definition currently reads, at about the four minute mark of the 4th part. It’s probably the first time I have ever heard the word used in a sentence, in its original meaning.

Another fascinating thing that jumped out at me was Dave Hill's relaying of some conjecture by Bob Katz, to the effect that peak reading meters in all the digital gear may have been a mistake, and thus may be responsible for driving the loudness wars, as one simply treats levels differently when using peak meters vs VU meters. That was my interpretation of the remark, that digital peak reading meters allow one to push final levels to within a hairs breadth of maximum, although those are my words, and best to refer to the video for a precise quote.

It was also interesting to see such a strong disagreement between George Massenburg on one side and Dave Derr and Rupert Neve on the other, as to whether a single compressor can be made to sound the same as two compressors as used in parallel compression. The fact that some who are at the very top of their game can disagree so fundamentally on what should be a straightforward question is food for thought for whenever we cling to tightly to certain beliefs. Mind you, Openly challenging Mr. Derr to a wager was a bit over the top for that kind of attended venue, but I guess passions run high when one gets to the nitty gritty of their craft.


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