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1612 Tubes for vari-mu compressor

So I was so interested in the 1612 Tubes I got to play with... I started a hybrid design. The concept is a vari-mu style compressor using the 1612 as the front end after a Jensen XFMR. I am thinking of then running LA2 style buffer and driver amplifier into a Jensen output XFMR. But the side chain will be solid state and use either a LOG amp or a THAT audio engine.. Sort of a complex blend of 50's tech with more modern tech...
The panel below is the feature set that I would want...I interested to hear your thoughts or wants for a compressor like this...

2 compressors = 1 compressor configured in double?

Let's say I had 2 compressors in series with the following parameters:

Threshold = -5dB
Ratio = 2: 1
Attack = 50 ms
Release = 40 ms

Would there be any difference (technical / sonic / theoretical) if I had a single compressor configured as below?

Threshold = -10 dB
Ratio = 4: 1
Attack = 100 ms
Release = 80 ms

Thanks in advance.

Audio compressors - What are they ? How do they work

My first video of 2018. I had a little fun jamming a song...
This Back to basics : audio recording software - Compressors video, explain what is a compressor and what the common settings do.
The video starts with the video clip of a song about compressor.
Nothing serious just having fun.. . But following the video clip, you'll get a glance of how a compressor works.

I always value your inputs, so please comment !

how to build a brickwall limiter/maximizer with good compressors?

I don't own a good brickwall limiter/maximizer in my drawer of plugins. And I know I can get one for $29 from Waves. But I own Waves Renaissance Compressor and was wondering how to build one, if possible with a few compressors chained together or something. I was inspired to try brickwall limiting to my music by a couple of sources. I play bluegrass acoustic music.

compressors for guitar and drum tracks

Hey I'm pretty new to this and i've just started using some compressors on some guitar and drum tracks i've recorded I don't know where to start. Please help! I usually just set the threshold low and turn and turn up the input til i hear it working. Btw, if I want to limit the kick drum i just set the ratio above 10:1? I heard that somewhere. I really need to know how to use these things.


Compressors and Filters (Plus a low hiss)

I have a low-end home studio that I am building (in my garage), and am looking for a decent compressor to add to my collection of equipment. Unfortunately, I am painfully ignorant when it comes to audio compression, gates, and filters. I record mostly vocals, and unfortunately my recordings are ugly uncompressed audio and has a slight hiss to it. Word on the street is that a hiss can be filtered out by a gate or filter, and a decent compressor can also help.



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