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okay. ever wonder which way was correct for turning this abbreviated word into a participle or past tense verb? well it has driven (it done drove) me crazy for too long so here's the entry on in all its glory:

mike Audio pronunciation of "mic" ( P ) Pronunciation Key (mk) Informal
n. also mic (mk)

A microphone.

tr.v. miked, mik·ing, mikes

To supply with or transmit through a microphone.

i guess i will not have mic'ed anything else here in my studio and no more squeaks from all the Micing ; ) i wonder how all the michaels feel about royalties from the use of their namesake? what about "this mic'll do?"pass the mic over to mike and let's hear what he has to say...

okay, back to you, mike-

mckay (not mic-kay)

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