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(Sorry, I'm copying this from my post on another BBS *cough*cough* because I found out after I posted that some of the opinions from people I MOST wanted to hear had voluntarily left the BBS.)

Hi, I'm relatively new to home recording especially with microphones (mostly synthesized electronic music in the past). But I do consider myself a pretty careful listener after numerous hours tweaking and noodling over patches.

I was recently devirginized in the LD condenser area with the wonderful help of you all. I picked up a Marshall V93 (aka 2003) and V67 both or which I am happy about. Quick mic review for those newer to this than me. I plan to use the V93 as an instrument mic or for voices that are dark or mellow. It has a fairly even sound with a good crisp high. The V67 doesn't seem quite as versatile but I like the way it sounds on vocals a lot. Pushes the vocals right up front and does a good job of making me forget that I'm recording everything digitally. Simply put I'll bust out the V93 when I'm thinking scientists in white lab coats in a sanitized environment and the V67 when I imagine hardwood floors and plush red curtains.

But I think I would like to get a dynamic for rough, high-powered handling to compliment those condensers. I've been to many live shows a great majority using Shure SM58s which I've never liked the sound of (could also be due to poor mic technique). So my question is what do you guys suggest as a better option for this price range?

I've scoured the boards and I already know how wonderful the Sennheiser 421, 441 and Shure SM7 are but those are well over $200. The reason I never liked the SM58 is I think it makes anyone who sings through it sound nasal and muffled. Granted most people don't know not to wrap their lips around the poor thing. Maybe it sounds way better in front of a blasting guitar amp, one of the applications I would need this dynamic for. I don't plan to do much Micing of drum sets but definitely hand drums of all sorts. Would the SM57 be better? The Beta versions? I'm also looking at the Sennheiser E845, E855 as well as the Audix OM series which seem classed along side the Beta 57 and 58. And I can't find the Beyer M88 any place I usually shop at.

Thanks in advance.



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