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Cheap Spring Reverb Solution Volume IV - Budget Consumer Equipment (FOSTEX 3180)

Hello everyone,

Another installment into my "Cheap Spring Reverb" series. This time I take on the Fostex 3180. This noisy little machine adds a nice sheen to any track I pass through it. Very versatile in my opinion if you aren't looking to spend a large sum of money. I think I picked up mine for something around $100-$200 a little while back. Well worth the money I would say.

Cheap Spring Reverb Solution Volume III

Hello all,

I made a third instalment to my video series about cheap spring reverb solutions. This time I talk about using an old mixing board with a built in tank. Hope you enjoy!

I hope to start a discussion on this thread. What is your cheapest piece of gear you use on your recordings? Any hidden gems (uh oh hope we don't drive up the prices of anything!!)



Cheap mastering in 2019

I'm getting close to finishing a lot of my songs and I'm down to just listening through them and putting vocals on the ones I'm happy with. Many years ago I used to love T-racks 24 for mastering but for many reason, it's unusable. What is the cheapest way of achieving what that program did? Is the way forward to now use mastering plugins rather than standalone? I have looked at the Waves Abbey Road but in all honesty, this is way above my head and I have no clue what is good or bad. I just want something nice cheap and easy to use that does what the T-racks 24 did.

Need cheap but good Audio Interface.

I just recently got an MXL 770 and got a crappy Phantom power box and then got a bad noise and looked around and I found out I need an audio interface to mess with the fain etc, but I don't want to spend $50+ if possible and def not 65+. Do you have any recommendations? Also whatever you recommend keep in mind I used an XLR to USB to hook into my computer.

Where to buy eco friendly acoustic materials in Canada for cheap.

Hello, I'm looking to purchase some high density eco friendly acoustic materials for building panels such as cotton or polyester materials. I don't want to use rockwool or fibreglass because of the air quality and safety hazards these materials contribute to. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and I'd like to order within the country or ideally purchase from a local supplier. Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you!

Cheap and nondescript gear for unlocking a better audio workflow

Another article we published if you guys are interested.

This one is on inexpensive and nondescript gear that are useful in a smaller studio for unlocking a clean and efficient audio workflow -

What other kinds of gear in this field do you guys use? Would love to know your thoughts?

Dirt cheap Amazon mic pack adventure...

I took a chance and bought a set of these...

Dirt cheap.. I needed some extra mics for live recording on guitar cabinets etc.. In looking for a set I couldn't find anything demo wise that showed the potential of mics as most people who by them are kids or beginners with subpar drumsets.. I made a few videos to see what they can do..