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So, I decided to replace the ribbon in my matched pair of Cascade Fatheads with 2.5u foil. The good news is that they both sound immeasurably better than they did. The bad news is that they sound subtly different, which is not good as they are meant to be a matched pair. Is there something more scientific that I should be doing than cutting some foil, passing it through my gears and fitting it to the microphone.

One thing I have thought of which may be of use is that my preamps are the Mackie Onyx ones, so I am operating towards the extremes of their ability, where the adjustment is not so subtle. Could this be the cause?

Thank you in advance.



RemyRAD Tue, 02/07/2012 - 23:00

So if you remove the original pair of ribbons, they are no longer a matched pair. Having sequential serial numbers means nothing. Understanding the art and scientific complexities of making consistent sounding ribbons, is. It's like learning how to tune a piano from the book " Piano Tuning for Dummies ".

And your reason for changing these ribbons out was because you blew into the microphones when doing your audio check? No, they are not good for trying to record the sound effects of thunderstorms outdoors. Yes, it's always easier to blame it on your crappy equipment. That's right you never want to run a microphone preamp at extreme gain because that would be extreme gain and so if you don't need extreme gain you shouldn't use extreme gain since you probably wouldn't have anything to gain. Unless you needed something extreme. Which is why you purchase a microphone preamp in the first place. So maybe you should try turning it up? I wouldn't know why you'd want to turn it up since you can turn it up. Do you use lane change indicators? I mean you want to save those bulbs for actually turning corners. You don't need them for merely changing lanes since you aren't really turning. You know why they have so many accidents at race car events don't you? These jokers who call themselves professional drivers don't use their turn signal. And that you can plainly see and hear.

Maybe it's because they set their gain twos extreme?
Mx. Remy Ann David