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Will a microphone with a frequency response of e.g. 50-15000 Hz not capture anything at all above 15k?


Hello! Been a while since last time I posted here.

In all my years of recording I have never bothered to learn what the specified frequency response (FR) of a microphone really means. I have always thought it means that the mic wont capture anything outside of the FR range, but is that really true?

Microphone ID Quiz


A bit of light-hearted fun for the folk who are interested in microphones. I was hunting for a mic this afternoon and realised I had a few that were either old or less common - 17 mics arranged from tallest to shortest. I've blobbed out identifying marks to a degree. Some should be very easy - but getting 17 would be pretty hard I think? 

How to choose a DIY microphone from (MicParts)


I've been ask a few times lately about what model would be the best to order from MicParts. So in this video I test 3 mics, the T47, T12 and S87

At 2 min, I made a mistake and mention the U87 but it's in fact the U47 ;)

Let me know what you think !

Microphone Ground Loop Problem


Hi, I have a new microphone and it has a electrical buzzing sound when i try to record using it. It is not the soft buzzing sound that can be removed, after searching up about it i realised that it should be the cause of ground loop. So i decided to buy a ground loop insolator for the problem but it still doesnt help. Does anyone have any experience or any idea to solve this?


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