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Adding plugins When Remixing

After I viewed Kissys FL Studio video I started searching for some new plugins to work with in my productions and came across this pretty neat Pro Tool Bolger page. This blog provides a list of free RTAS and even VST plugins. I haven’t finished downloading them all but; so far the ones that I did download work fine with the exception of the JKplug, which I had to delete because it kept closing my session. The Izotope –vinyle is not bad, I’ve been looking for a plugin that creates vinyl simulation and it does just that. Overall, I think this is a cool blog to check out for those who just want to rack up on free plugins or see what kind of mixes they can come up with when applying these plugins in their sessions. plugins-list/


OKayT Sun, 12/04/2011 - 19:17
Ableton Live isn’t my specialty but I do know this. Live does not support Direct X Plug-ins or Rtas. Live does support VST Plug-ins, so make sure the plug in says VST compatible before you download.
You can use VST Plug-ins in Live only while running Live as ReWire master or as a stand-alone application.

legatto Tue, 12/06/2011 - 23:28
yeah is uses some kind of ASIO program. I know i tried to install melodyne and use it as ReWire ,but looks like the program isnt installed. At first i tought is was just another DLL file , but i couldn't find it. So im really puzzled up, cause i already installed some of plug-ins ,and they work, but this won't , also i same thing happened when i tried to instal some kind of spectrum-EQ in one, also same thing happened. Maybe this programs wasn't ReWireable software , or i just don't know anything. Any comments about this?

hueseph Wed, 12/07/2011 - 05:16
Don't you look at requirements before you buy a plugin? Read read my signature carefully before you answer. Melodyne does support VST and rewire. You can only install Melodyne on two machines before you have to call or email them for a new activation. Of course if you try to activate by other means you are leaving yourself open to potential viruses and trojans. Live! also supports rewire but I'm not sure in which context. I know that I can rewire Live! into Pro Tools but I don't know if I can rewire Reason into Live!.


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