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The 2021 Let It Be Edition - Superb mixed and mastered

Produced by Giles Martin - the son of the famous George Martin - the 2021 Let It Be is superb! 

Listened to it tonight, and as a true Beatles fan, I really enjoyed it, just like Abbey Road a while ago.

On this album it is obvious, how limited they where technically back then. You can hear the freshness on this one, as well as all the details.

More SpectraLayers

I just discovered Emeli Sante. I had heard the name but her music had passed me by. On the radio I heard a track, and Shazammed it. I think it will be a great one for a friend of mine to sing - so I jumped into an arrangement of it - perhaps with the intention of doing it live in a theatre idea we have had on the simmer since pre-covid . Did the demo - just piano. Then because I like it, added double bass and then got a bit carried away with a string quartet.

Anchor Song (Justin Martin Remix) - audio cleaning

Hello everyone,

So i've fallen in love with Justin Martin's remix of Anchor Song. Literally.
As it can't be released due to copyright problems there are only live recordings.
This one is the best:
As you can hear it still doesn't give justice to the song.
As i do not have experience in audio cleaning;
Would any of you be down to try to clean this file and give it more power?


Remix of old recording - Comments needed

Hi gang.
I know I'm not posting my work often but I thought this was long overdue.
I had a visit from a former customer. He came in as a trio in 2001, it was the second year I started to record.
After a nice conversation and old stories. I went in my archives and found one of his song which is a humorous blues about stinky feet. Nothing serious..
The drums sounded pretty bad, I didn't have everything to make it sound good at the time including good instrument mics and Technics..

Old thread remix

Hi guys /gals, I have sample of song I had on thread a while back .
Pulled it to bits and tried to build back better,
Tell me how it goes on your earphones /monitors please . I hear a couple of things
that sort of bug me, I won't tell you and see if you concur, and other things that I can't hear !

Thanks, hope everyone is having a nice time coming into Christmas holidays, I guess
most of you are like me and don't get holidays
Cheers Ash


I bought a cheap plywood jazz bass copy and put some emg jvx pups in it.
So re did the bass line of this cover we did a while back, and remixed the song.
Its so nice to have a bit of pow in the bass, where it use to be dull .
So what do you think ?, maybe the bass is a bit over the top ( new toy and all )


Remixed on Cubes

I wasn't happy with my daughters last mix so I remixed it. There is something to be said around mixing to the bass in pop music. I tried a new approach and think I discovered something valuable through this..
Also, completely mixed this through Cubes.

If you can remember what the comments before we lost some posts from our database crashing the other day, and get passed it being her first song ever singing, here is the new mix. Thanks for listening and sharing comments on the sound.