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More SpectraLayers

I just discovered Emeli Sante. I had heard the name but her music had passed me by. On the radio I heard a track, and Shazammed it. I think it will be a great one for a friend of mine to sing - so I jumped into an arrangement of it - perhaps with the intention of doing it live in a theatre idea we have had on the simmer since pre-covid . Did the demo - just piano. Then because I like it, added double bass and then got a bit carried away with a string quartet. Trouble is, my friend always likes a guide vocal and a fella doesn't work - so I wondered if SpectraLayers would do a good job of taking the vocal off the real song, and then I popped it into mine. Slightly different tempo and feel. I think it's done a pretty decent job, and Cubase did the chopping up and stretching and squeezing. I didn't put it in the mp3 area because it's an experiment really - but if I hadn't told you it was an extraction from the released recording, would you have known? 



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