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Automizing Nuendo insterts

Hi, I was wondering, how do you automize inserts in Nuendo?, like EQ's or Compressors?


schizojames Wed, 09/27/2006 - 20:27
You simply dilute them in a 50% water solution, insert them into your paint sprayer, and shoot. By the way, it's spelled "atomizing."

Oh wait, you mean automating? Boy am I a stinker. If it's anything like Cubase, you locate to where you want to begin the automation curve, open the plug and click the "W" for write. This will automatically create an automation track. You can then hit play or record (I can't remember) and move the appropriate knobs with your cursor or midi controller or the Force. Nuendo has that "Force-to-MIDI" converter, right. I always figured that was shy it was so much more expensive.

Oh, and after you have recorded your automation, be sure that the "Write" button is deselected, and only the "Read" button is lit. You may also have to adjust before and after the event if the automation is in the middle of a song. One more thing... If you twiddle multiple knobs (or switches or sliders or buttons) while recording automation, it will create a separate automation track for each parameter you adjust that will be viewable and editable by clicking on that little plus or whatever they replaced the little plus with at the bottom automation track label.

Hope Steinberg is consistent, cause this will help a bunch. Good luck.