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As the most advanced audio post-production solution available, Nuendo is the choice of film, TV, game audio and immersive sound industry professionals worldwide. Ever since its initial release, Nuendo has been a vital tool in creating the soundtrack to many high-profile productions, products and installations. Regular updates with new features, workflow improvements and additional, user-requested functions mean that Nuendo constantly exceeds the expectations of an audio workstation dedicated to audio post, with high end — often unique — capabilities that continue an ongoing revolution in audio and media production software.

[SOLVED] No sound input being detected by Nuendo


I am having issues setting up my sound for my software, am a bit of a noob with this and am really confused why it won't work.

So my audio interface is a Fireface UFX. I have the microphone going to AN 3/4, and my main output is the default which is AN 1/2.

The UFX is showing sound and i checked by sending it to my main, and my microphone output was coming out of my speakers - so i definitely have sound. On that end.

This is the mixer so you can see how its all set up:

Nuendo upgrade to 64-bit PC

I am thinking about upgrading to a 64-bit Windows 8 computer. Do you think my old Nuendo project files will open up? I have been running on XP 32 bit.

Here's some of the programs that I am concerned about.

Nuendo 5
Camel Audio Alchemy
reFX Nexus2
Native Instruments Massive
Tone2 Tone Gladiator
Spectrasonics Atmosphere
Synthogy Ivory
Rob Papen's Albino 2
Stylus RMX
Sausage Fattener

Problem with Nuendo 4,,,, anybody?

I tried to export 4 mono guitar tracks, grouped, as a stereo audio file. The result was a file with no sound whatsoever. I've done this a million times before and never had this problem. What's happening? The group track is stereo and was, as is normal, soloed for the bounce. It produced a wave file with no wave. I'm baffled. I also tried to bounce them to the stereo outputs. no joy. Anyone got any ideas?
Thank you,

Nuendo troubleshoot question

I recently upgraded to an RME Babyface. For some reason I can't hear anything when I do a FILE > IMPORT > then select a sound to preview. I can see it is playing but I hear no sound. I have to import it to the timeline before I can even hear it. Where is the preview sound usually routed?

Also I wish Nuendo would enable people to make posts in their new forum, but there's no "post" button.

Nuendo 3.2.1
Windows XP