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BBE 882 maximizer...

I just bought this thingy, except its not like all the ones i see online, the red and white 882is.

Its black and blue, and has basically the same knobs and lights and stuff, but its a 882, not a 882i.

Can anyone tell me what the differance is?


Member Sun, 10/28/2007 - 12:12
I've always liked using an old 882 through a guitar amp's effects loop. It's easy to go overboard though, which is bad and it sounds way too processed. Used sparingly it can add to a guitar sound like crazy.

I don't use one any more mind you, since I got a killer new guitar amp (absolutely amazing) but I'm sort of curious now as to how it would sound....

dun dun dunn

I can see where it'd sound great on percussion. I need to try that.

amishsixstringer Sun, 03/11/2007 - 20:42
I wouldn't say it ruins your work. It does some cool things sometimes. I wouldn't put it on a 2-bus, but for a bass guitar effect or something it is kinda cool sometimes. I like to use them for live sound or in a bass amp rack. I wouldn't bother sending it back to get the new one either. They all are pretty much the same thing. They're cheap and can sometimes do some cool stuff. I regret selling mine sometimes, but then I usually just put new strings on the ole bass and it works better.