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I have a lead on a Millennia Media Quad Mic Pre and I wanted someone who is familiar with the Millennia Products comment on it. I'm looking for a clean Pre for Vocals (R&B).. I already have a GR me 1nv, API 512, Langevin DVC, Peavey VMP2 and was wondering if this would be a good compliment. I've never heard Millennia and only hear mostly about the STT-1 (I think that's it). Any comments..Thanks in advance.

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LittleDogAudio Thu, 12/30/2004 - 19:57

The Millennia STT-1 is unbelievably cool. I have 2 channels in my studio and go to them all the time. If the STT-1 is a little too pricey for, check out the TD-1. Great value for the price.

I also have Great Rivers and Api. The Millennia line fits perfectly with these. I think that's an important part of getting things to "dove-tail" in a mix, using complimentery mics and mic pre's


KurtFoster Fri, 12/31/2004 - 23:01

I am sure you will love your STT-1 ... as I do mine. I used it just the other day with a U87ai, for vocal tracks and the singer was in heaven.

The basics had been cut with an old Yamaha MLA7 pre (my remote ADAT rig) at our rehearsal room and we did some guitar overdubs through my Peavey Valve -Verb into a Mesa Boogie V-Twin directly into the DAW. The Millennia generated vocals sat very well into this whole conglomerate ...

anonymous Sun, 01/09/2005 - 17:31

My, my, my...............

I got the Millennia Media STT-1 about a week ago and Kurt, AudioGaff, Little Dog, ya'll were right. This thing is Amazin'!! For the type of stuff I'm doing (R&B, Funk, Gospel Vocals) this thing is Killer and it is an excellent compliment to the Pres I already have. I can stop searchin' for a minute(I'm broke anyway) and get busy with the Music. Thanks.