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millennia media

Millennia Media M-2b discontinued

Wow, I just heard the Millennia M-2b is discontinued for good, no more made. If I won the lottery I would have 24 channels of those and call it completed. They are simply outstanding. I feel blessed to have at least 2 channels. I guess I have what will go down as one of the worlds most amazing preamps. The M-2b are now Vintage.

The M-2b is a two channel, high voltage, transformerless, 100% Class A biased, all vacuum tube stereo microphone preamplifier delivering the essential nature of triode musicality.

Millennia Media dual-channel HV-32P, Portable Series Preamps.

Authentic Transparency for Unrestricted Creativity

  • Continuously variable gain control
  • Selectable DC-coupled ribbon mic path with +10dB gain boost setting
  • +48V phantom power
  • -14 dB Pad
  • 12VDC to 15VDC operation - 90VAC to 240VAC line lump power supply (12V output) included

$1,330.99 US Street Price…


Millennia Origin vs. ?

I have an opportunity to purchase a used Millennia Origin from a local studio. I have lusted for one of those puppies for the longest time, the guy is asking $2200, which isn't too far out there from what I've seen on flea-Bay.
I want to use it for VO work and have been looking at a used UA 6176 ($1800, same dude), as well.
I have read that the 6176 seems to have a rep for being 'dark' on male voices, and at the same time

UA Solo 610 or Millennia TD-1 - bass and guitars?


Does anyone on here know how the Millennia TD-1 compares to the UA Solo 610? I will be mainly using the DI for bass and guitars and maybe vocals through the pre.

My current setup is a Focusrite Liquid Channel, UA Solo 610 and Focusrite ISA One digital. I have been using either the Liquid Channel or UA Solo 610 as my vocal pre and the ISA One for guitars. I use the Solo 610 for bass.

Millennia HV-3R

Ah, you got to love this beast. I need the Millennia HV-3 for truth projects - plain and simple. I have the
M-2b and this is so big and beautiful, who needs s e x . I need the other half of the stellar combo to be at peace with my wife now. She keeps hearing me howl Millennia at night and wonders who I am drooling about.:cool:

Millennia M-2b

My M-2b arrived today! Its been a long 8 years wanting one of the Millennia's. Ever since a dealer described Millennia pre's as boring and clinical sounding, it made me want one more. Clinical spelled the truth, plus, I always thought that this opinion was partially due to the razer sound digital audio had in the early 90's. ITB has come miles further in sound quality but I still think it will always be missing a personally appealing distortion and headroom unique to high end analog. DAW's lack personality so I think we need to use tubes to help it get there..

B&K, Millennia & Recorder?

Hi Everyone,

I am a studio guy, and have primarily worked in Rock/Pop. However, as of late I have been getting a lot of classical work (usually baroque - small string section, and a loud soprano), and I'd like to do more, so I'm looking at getting some more appropriate gear (I'm currently getting by with loose ends from my studio - Focusrites ISA's and Neumann KM184s). Here are my questions:

1) I have the opportunity to buy a pair of B&K 4007's for $1600. Thoughts?

2) Millennia M2-B versus HV-3C?

Great River MP-2NV or Millennia STT-1?

Hello--I'm new to this forum and am hoping for some informed opinion on the choice of a new preamp for my home studio. My setup: Digi002 and a G5, with a Drawmer compressor and a Langevin dual mono pre. Mics include an AKG C414, an AT4050, a Neumann 184 and SM57 & 58.

I record primarily acoustic material--guitar, violin, mandolin, National steel guitar--but also electric bass and guitar and lap steel, and I use a Fantom X8 for sequencing.



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