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Ok folks...for those of you who don't know this I might as well fill you in...When I first installed Wavelab on to my system at work I was messing around with the FFT and the UV22 I was doing this one of our lead engineers saw that and said hey, those slopes are backwards. So. .thus confirming that something was wrong by our creator of the UV22 itself we took some outside snapshots of an AP2 machine(Audio Precision) FFT and low and behold...UV22 is correctly implemented but UV22HR is NON EXISTENT!
So...those who use UV22HR in Wavelab4. go back and redo them with UV22 until they fix it. no idea when that will happen but it me on that one
This is Kent Brockman and tonight on an eye on springfield we go to a man that's been hicupping for 45 years...
hiccup...kill me
hiccup...kill me
hiccup...please kill me
Opus :D

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Doublehelix Sun, 08/11/2002 - 04:33

Opus...this has come up a couple of times on the Wavelab Forum, and gets shot down by Phillipe instantly. Have you guys contacted PG directly and presented your data to him?

I am also having a problem with the 4.0e update (as are a whole bunch of people) in that I cannot burn a CD. PG is trying to fix the I am back on 4.0d...

Opus2000 Sun, 08/11/2002 - 07:07

Yes, we at Apogee have contacted them about it..the problem is that they are only checking UV22 and not HR...they don't have anything(so they say) to check HR with....
Believe me....I posted that UV22 flip flop post...of course they are going to deny it..they don't want to publically announce they screwed up.
As far as Wavelab updates...I get scared when there are updates for any steinberg program to be honest. I love their stuff but have to wonder sometimes whether they truly check it fully before releasing it....
I'm using 4.0d and will stick with that version since it works just fine for me.
Now, another thing that irks me is the WDM support for it. Yes, it's there but it's flaky man. You have to have a connection in to record digital black now, before you didn't. It's really wierd. Sometimes if I can get it to work it will only record 1 bit and not 24...I've seen it do 22 bits before...really wierd stuff I tell you


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