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I posted this on the Wavelab forum, but, as it's probably not a WL problem, perse, thought I'd try here, too... Thankx for suggestions!


Well, it had to happen and it did. I got a nice little check in yesterday(Sooner or later, someone had to pay?). No, not the retirement to an island type of check, but I do have a few hundred(US) to put into my system, if I can spend it before my wife buys a new puppy or something -- so if you have suggestions, hurry(There's probably a dog show tommorow!)...

You know how it is, you're rolling along on a project with a "NOW" completion date. Editing away, "the crash" occurs... Certainly not a sole problem of WL... But, here's what happens:

I open WL, I record something, often a mere 30"(I do VO - mono.), length doesn't matter.

I begin to edit - OR - just play back... After a few seconds, or a minute or two minutes, from no edits done to several, to many CRASH! Scoll stops, audio continues for 5 seconds, then stops. OR the mouse cursor "goes funny", with no control over it's weird movements. OR the screen "gets funny"(Why go on with description - we've all seen it happen with these things)... Only recourse is to(Go in the other room where the box is) hit the "restart" button on the box and get back to it, that deadline is now even closer...

I have tried, once the system comes back up to "defrag", then reboot(Again) -- no real help seen...

I have tried to:

Reinstall WL(With all updates).

BTW: I have ASAPI "in there"(The one from the recommended download) AND "ASAPI.MSI" - is this right?

I have turned on Windows Task Manager. to watch as I do stuff... Nothing happens when I'm watching(Really? Amazing! --- no it's not...). While I often seem to use 60 to 96 percent CPU on playback, nothing I've done seems to change that(Some files only use 40 to 45%?). RAM never exceeds 150mb, and as I have 756..?

I've tried changing buffers and scroll settings - no change.

I have tried backing-off on the video card settings - no change.

I've tried spray cleaning the contacts on my "Mobile Rack Mounts"(The HD drawers) - no change.

"Everest" says, no heat problem, everything running at right around room temp...

I use the same data HD with my "main" drive(With all my other computing stuff on it), and, of course the main drive goes into the same "Rack Mount"(Drawer) as my audio HD(WINDOWS 2K/WL, not much else), and I never gets crashes there, no matter what I do? Got new speakers Friday and played them through Media Player for a couple of hours yesterday, while I did other stuff. No prob(Though the speakers seemed to sound better after awhile..?)...

Malware/viruses? Possible, of course, but unlikely. Are there viruses that attack just the playback on Wavelab - nothing else?

I had thought it might be something "coming up", an "automatic update" for something? Took everything out. Nothing seems to update, the registry shows no "run" or "run once" anything... Still - could be it? Remnants of something? Something "starting" a few minutes in, after every reboot which crashes WL? Any ideas? I see nothing.

I'd try(If I knew how) to run Dr. Watson, suggested in the WL files folder, but I don't understand how to do so, the instructions are too obscure for me(I need "Do A, then B, then C., or I'm lost...) and I know what it would find, anyway... nothing. I'll try it though if anyone can tell me how?

I do not believe it is a Wavelab problem, else, everyone would complain of it and no one does. . Just a simple problem - here... For now I hit the "save" button a lot - a very lot - which, if I remember to do it - is the only thing that helps.

What I plan to do:

Get two new HD's, reinstall Windows/WL on one and make a new data/TF drive out of the other.

Buy a new video card. The video card I use(Voodoo, from, what, 1998?), I'd like to replace anyway, so I can run my new(Next check?) w-i-d-e screen Samsung monitor on it's DVI... Looks real neat-o in the store?

Get a new system from the box up, better...faster...we have the technology, if we just find the cash(Next, next check?).

Upgrade to Wavelab 6. If I upgrade to WL6, I want to do so with fresh HD's and all new installs. I can do that NOW, if you think I should(If I can GET the WL upgrade and the damned stupid dongle - NOW, before I find that new puppy, weeing on the carpet..?)...

So! What do I do? Your input welcome! Be a part of the solution(I'm tired of you being just another part of the problem...). Hardware? Software? Operator? You tell me... please.


Teddy G.

Back to work! I'd tell you where to hear me doing VO for a new real estate show("And this lovely fixer-upper home is only $896,000!") for a Washington, DC, station, but I don't know when or what channel or the call letters, so, forget that, just help me not have to reboot after each and every 20" spot...

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